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Notarised documents for working abroad

Buying abroad
Many elements of a notary’s work involve buying or selling real estate outside the UK; be it ...


Land: regulated, unregulated...


Buildings: Residential; second homes, investment property, off plan apartments, villas, re-sales, repossessions, time share or fractional ownership...


Commercial: industrial, storage, offices…


In the UK the role of the Notary in connection with buying foreign property is usually restricted to authenticating a Power of Attorney. Overseas, the notarial system is very different. In many countries the notary plays a major part in the buying and selling process; unlike in the UK, the ‘Latin’ notary’s job is to place formal documents recording the sale or purchase on the public record.

Outside the UK it is common for an ‘estate agent’ to deal with the whole buying or selling process. The agent will draw up a Power of Attorney naming themselves as your legal representative and proceed to deal with the whole transaction from start to finish. Please remember that it is your right to appoint your own lawyer should you choose to do so.

Your Powers of Attorney should be limited to the minimum necessary to conduct the business at hand. Attention needs to be paid to where your deposit monies are going. What guarantees are in place to ensure that your money will be safe?


At Notary Co UK we can liaise with your agents in drafting the Power of Attorney - ensuring it is limited to the minimum necessary to conduct the business at hand; or we can notarise and legalise existing documents.


The general procedure is that your lawyer or overseas agent prepares a Power of Attorney for you to have notarised. More often than not, the document will need to be legalised – this is the process of having an Apostille stamp added by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office – we can deal with all of that for you. We offer a fast-track, same-day service or, at a lower cost, a 4-6 working days legalisation service.


When and What to Buy?
Independent unbiased advice available from Notary Co UK With a background in both commercial and domestic property in the UK and overseas, principal notary Basil Preuveneers is well placed to help with any enquiry. He has special expertise in a number of countries.


Getting married outside the UK
You may need a Certificate of No Impediment (obtained from your local registry office in the UK) this may need to be notarised. If you have been married before, then the Certificate making Decree Nisi Absolute or your previous spouse's Death Certificate (if applicable) may also need to be legalised.


Going to work in the UAE or Gulf region?
A big attraction of going to work in the Gulf is that there is no income tax and it is often seen as an exciting and invigorating place for upwardly-mobile Brits with professional skills. When you are offered a job, the company that employs you will probably process the formalities required for getting you the work permit and this involves initially getting you a residence permit.

Before a visa can be granted, you will need all your personal and academic certificates certified by a notary and fully legalised. Note: only original birth or marriage certificates (or any type of certificate with a crown) can be legalised. The UAE authorities are extremely particular about the necessary documents and the absence of even one can result in your application being refused. Hence, you should be extremely careful that you have all the following documents:


1. Passport, which should have at least six months validity.
2. If you are accompanied by your spouse and children each one of them should have a separate passport.
3. There should not be any Israel visa entry on the passport.
4. Marriage certificate (if your spouse is accompanying you)
5. If you are a female employee and will have your children staying with you, you will need a letter of consent from the father of the children which is certified, notarised and attested.
6. Notarised copies of your academic certificates.


Please contact Notary Co UK if you need any further information on any Gulf country.


The Gulf region is sometimes referred to as the GCC.
This stands for Gulf Cooperative Council, which consists of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the State of Kuwait, the Sultanate of Oman, the State of Qatar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.
More about the GCC


The Middle East area is also referred to as MENA ( Middle East and North Africa.)


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Notary Co UK has a great deal of experience in dealing with the huge amount of paperwork....