A certificate of incorporation is a legal document produced when a company establishes itself as an individual legal entity. Once you register your company with Companies House, they will issue the certificate.

If you need to provide international parties with a verified copy of your certificate, a notary public can help. We will access the document digitally from Companies House, create a certified copy for notarisation purposes, and apply an apostille when necessary.

Our professional notary services guarantee the authenticity and accessibility of the document so you can have peace of mind as you carry out business overseas.


What is a Certificate of Incorporation?

A certificate of incorporation (or CoI) verifies that you have registered your business with the UK Government. The document will include:

  • Name of the company
  • Registration number
  • Date of incorporation

Once you have enrolled with Companies House, basic details about your company will be available to the public.

You might use a CoI to set up a business bank account or extend your company’s activity in a new country. For international verification, a notarised copy is required. This is where notary.co.uk comes in.

We can provide you with a certified copy of your certificate of incorporation and attach a certificate of notarisation and/or apostille. Focus on your business endeavours and let one of our trusted notaries take care of your documentation.


Notarising a Certificate of Incorporation for Use Abroad

A notarised certificate of incorporation is a vital document for any company trading abroad. It verifies the legitimacy of your business in an international context. Whether you are looking to establish new branches, enter into a legal agreement, or develop business partnerships across borders, you may need to provide a notarised copy of your CI.

We specialise in notarisation of certificates of incorporation and similar documents. Also, we offer a same-day service so you can tick it straight off your to-do list. (For our apostille service, we offer a premium same day/next day return or a standard 3-5 working days option.)

Our experienced notaries are knowledgeable in the legal frameworks and the latest regulations surrounding certificate of incorporation notarisation. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about your company documents.


Do You Need an Apostille for a Certificate of Incorporation?

Some international entities require UK companies to provide a certificate of incorporation with an apostille certificate.

When you request this service, a notary public will verify your certificate of incorporation and affix the necessary apostille seal, certifying the document’s authenticity and legal validity abroad.

By entrusting us with the apostille for your certificate of incorporation, you can feel confident entering international business landscapes with the correct documentation. Verification of your CI will help you establish trust with foreign partners and guarantee compliance with the legal frameworks of the countries in which you operate.


Changing Your Company’s Name

If you change your company’s name, you will need to request a certificate of incorporation on change of name from Companies House. Contact us to arrange notarisation of a ‘change of name’ certificate.


Next Steps

If you are not sure what services you require, check the requirements of the countries you are working in. If the destination country is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, you should check if the body requesting the certificate requires an apostille.

Assuming you are already registered with Companies House, your next step is to get in touch with us via the form below.

Please include your company’s name and registration number and indicate whether you require notarisation or apostille services. We can offer guidance if you are unsure.

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