If you’re moving abroad or applying for work overseas, you will probably need a verified copy of your university degree. We can authenticate the certificate and/or transcript to meet the needs of the recipient.

Our notaries provide next-day notarisation at an affordable price. We can also secure an apostille or arrange consular legalisation for your document when required.

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  1. What is a Degree Certificate?
  2. When Do You Need to Get Your Degree and/or Transcript Notarised?
  3. Do we verify your Degree and Transcript?
  4. Apostille and Attestation for Your Degree
  5. Can We Provide E-Notarisation and E-Apostille?
  6. Process for Legalising a Degree Certificate or Transcript

What is a Degree Certificate?

When you complete a university degree, you receive a degree certificate confirming your grade.  You will also receive a transcript which contains a breakdown of your modules and grades. 

Before pursuing notarisation and legalisation, you should check what the recipient needs:

  1. Do they need your degree certificate or full transcript?
  2. If they need both, should they be separate or bundled?
  3. Do they require notarisation or an apostille/attestation?
  4. Should it be the original or a true copy?

When Do You Need to Get Your Degree and/or Transcript Notarised?

You typically need to get your university degree notarised when sending it to an organisation in another country. They may require notarisation and an apostille or the verification of a notary public may be sufficient.

Do we verify your Degree and Transcript?

Yes, we will typically contact the university to ensure the degree and transcript are authentic. Universities often charge a small fee, and we will require you to complete a consent form for us to provide to the university. The time it takes for a university to verify the degree and transcript varies according to each university. 

If we do not verify the degree is genuine with the university, we will only be able to certify it as a ‘true copy’. You should check whether this would be acceptable to the recipient before proceeding.  Many organisations will want to see that the degree certificate has been verified to be authentic.

Apostille and Attestation for Your Degree

Countries that have signed the Hague Apostille Convention may request an apostille, which is a certificate legalising your document.

You may need to have your document verified before the apostille application. Don’t worry – we can help you with the entire process.

If you require consular legalisation, we will obtain this via the Embassy or High Commission in the destination country and return the document to you.

Can We Provide E-Notarisation and E-Apostille?

Yes, we can. Once we have verified your degree and transcript we can issue an e-notarial certificate and submit it to the FCDO to be e-apostilled. This is among our most common e-notarisation requests.

Before proceeding, you should always check with the recipient of the degree certificate and transcript to confirm whether they will accept an e-apostille. 

Process for Legalising a Degree Certificate or Transcript

  1. Reach Out to Us: Contact our team via phone or online form to discuss your requirements.
    Quote: We will provide an accurate quote and explain the next steps.
  2. Instructing us: We will ask you to complete our Client Registration Form, and share two forms of ID. In many cases, you will be able to just send us a clear PDF scan of your document. If not, you’ll need to deliver or post the original document to us.
  3. Notarisation: Our team will verify the authenticity of the Degree certificate and/or transcript, and issue a notarial certificate.
  4. Apostille (if required): If requested, we will obtain an apostille from the Legalisation Office of the FCDO. Choose our expedited service for faster processing.
  5. Consular Legalisation (if required): If needed, we can process your degree certificate or transcript document at a consulate to be further attested. This is only required for certain countries.
  6. Document Delivery: Once notarised and, if applicable, apostilled, we can arrange secure delivery or you can collect the document at your convenience.

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