A Disclosure Scotland check reveals information about an individual’s criminal record. Some employers and organisations require proof of completing this process from those they intend to work or collaborate with.

Disclosure Scotland will supply you with a document confirming you have passed the check. If you are delivering this document to an organisation or individual abroad, you may need a notary public to validate its legality with notarisation or an apostille.

Our experienced notaries will be happy to assist you with the verification of your document.

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  6. What is a Disclosure Scotland Document?
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Process to Legalise a Disclosure Scotland Document

We can apostille your Disclosure Scotland document to verify its authenticity.

  • First, you need to order your document from Disclosure Scotland; 
  • Email us your request, and we will reply with details on how to instruct us;
  • Send the original Disclosure Scotland document to us for processing. We will then notarise and/or apostille the document as required.

Let Notary.co.uk take care of the notarising of your Disclosure Scotland Certificate. We will attach an apostille certificate when necessary and ensure your document is accepted abroad.

How Was Your Document Issued?

A Disclosure Scotland document can be issued in three ways:

  1. Your original Disclosure Scotland document signed by an official of the issuing authority;
  2. Your original Disclosure Scotland document without a signature from an official of the issuing authority;
  3. A printout of your electronic Disclosure Scotland document produced from the original PDF or other electronic document.

If your document was issued as per (1), it can be apostilled directly by the FCDO and does not need to be notarised.

If however it was issued as (2) or (3), it will need to be notarised first before it can be apostilled. To notarise the document you will need to either provide us with the original or share any email correspondence with Disclosure Scotland, so that we can verify the document to be authentic with Disclosure Scotland.

Check your document

We notarise many types of documents and can provide different types of certification to meet your needs.

The most popular documents we see are powers of attorney, passports, educational certificates and Companies House documentation. However, there are many other types we see regularly and are familiar with.

If your document is not listed and you are unsure if we can help, email us at info@notary.co.uk and we will be happy to confirm.

When Do You Need to Get Your Disclosure Scotland Apostilled?

Many foreign countries require verification of your documentation from Disclosure Scotland. An apostille may be needed if you are:

  • Working abroad
  • Volunteering with children or vulnerable adults abroad
  • Participating on a committee or board overseas
  • Applying for a Visa

We will notarise and apostille your document to ensure it is accepted globally and guarantee potential recruiters trust you.

How Can You Get Your Disclosure Scotland Document?

There are two main ways to apply for a Disclosure Scotland document:

  • Online: This is the quickest and easiest method. You can apply for a basic disclosure on the Disclosure Scotland website.
  • Paper form: You can request a paper application form by contacting Disclosure Scotland

Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

  • Identify the right disclosure type: There are three levels of disclosure: basic, standard, and enhanced. The type you need will depend on the requirements of the job or volunteer position you’re applying for. Check with the organization to confirm the level required.
  • Apply: Once you know the disclosure type, proceed with your chosen application method (online or paper form).
  • Fee: There is a fee associated with the application. A basic disclosure costs £25.

Processing time: Disclosure Scotland aims to return applications as quickly as possible.

What is a Disclosure Scotland Document?

It is an official record issued by the government agency Disclosure Scotland. Since the Disclosure Scotland Act 2002, the agency has facilitated the disclosure of criminal record information.

The purpose of a Disclosure Scotland check is to provide employers, organisations, and individuals with relevant information regarding a person’s criminal history. It enables informed decision-making, especially in environments with proximity to children or vulnerable adults.

Similar to England’s DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check, Disclosure Scotland aims to provide transparency and safeguarding in a range of contexts.

How Long Does a Disclosure Scotland Last?

Your document will remain valid from the time of issue. That said, certain individuals and organisations may have specific policies on the acceptance of disclosure certificates. 

It is advisable to consult with the relevant parties to ensure compliance.


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