When applying for jobs abroad, you may need a certified copy of your driver’s licence, either because the job requires a valid licence or you intend to use it as a form of ID.

A notary public will produce a certified copy of your driving licence and can also apply an apostille certificate.

Verification from Notary.co.uk ensures you will not have any problems submitting your licence to employers or other organisations overseas.


Why Might You Need Certified Copies of Your Driving Licence?

There are several reasons you could require document certification for your driving licence. Here are a few common scenarios:

  1. Working abroad: Many employers require proof of your driving qualifications. Organisations in some countries will need you to provide a certified copy of your licence along with the original. This can also apply to voluntary and contract work.
  2. Official purposes: Certain government-related or other official processes may call for verification of your driving licence. This can include applications for visas and work permits where proof of identification and driving qualifications is necessary.
  3. Legal matters: In overseas legal proceedings, you might be asked to provide a certified copy of your driving licence as evidence or for verification purposes. For example, if you are involved in a court case or filing an insurance claim.


When Do You Need an Apostille for Your Driving Licence?

An apostille is a type of certification used to authenticate a document for international recognition. The term ‘apostille’ originates from the Hague Convention of 1961. It was designed to simplify the process of legalising documents for use in participating countries.

You may need an apostille if an overseas organisation or employer has requested a certified copy of your driving licence, though it is possible notarisation will be sufficient. Many Commonwealth countries, for example, recognise UK-notarised documents without an apostille.

Check the individual requirements of the organisation requesting your ID or ask us for guidance.


Can You Apostille an Original Driving Licence?

It is not possible to apostille an original UK driving licence, whether it is a card ID or an older paper version. However, we will need you to supply us with the original to create a certified copy.

A paper apostille certificate will be attached to the driving licence certified copy as proof of legality.


Same-Day Notary Service

Our notaries have a wealth of experience legalising driving licences and other forms of ID. We offer a fast and professional service.

If you require notarisation, we offer a same-day return as standard. For a certified and apostilled copy of your licence, our standard service time is 3-5 days. 

You can also opt for Notary.co.uk’s Premium service. If we receive the document before 11:30 am, we will complete the process by 17:00 on the same day. If we receive it after 11:30 am, the document will be ready for collection the following afternoon at 15:00.


Process to Certify a Driving Licence

  1. Check the requirements of the body requesting the certified copy.
  2. Contact us via the form below, outlining the service you require. We will get straight back to you with a fixed quote and explain what the next steps will be.
  3. Send us your original driving licence by secure mail or arrange to deliver it in person. We are based in London Victoria, a few minutes’ walk from the underground.
  4. One of our notaries will create a colour photocopy and attach a notary or apostille certificate to certify its validity.


Get your driving licence certified by an experienced notary. With our professional services, you can be confident it will be recognised in the destination country.

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