Our notaries work with all kinds of documents relating to immigration and sponsorship. One document that often requires notarisation is the letter of invitation.

We will ensure your letter of invitation is recognised as an authentic document and set you up for a smooth move to the UK!

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  1. What is a Letter of Invitation?
  2. When Do You Need Notarisation for a Letter of Invitation?
  3. How to Notarise a Letter of Invitation
  4. Process for Notarising and Legalising a Letter of Invitation

What is a Letter of Invitation?

A letter of invitation is a formal document written by a UK resident or organisation inviting an individual to visit or live in the United Kingdom for a specific purpose. This might relate to work, a family reunion or a relationship.

It is often referred to as a sponsorship letter, as the person writing the letter must be willing to take responsibility for the recipient’s accommodation.

Other types of letters facilitating a move to the UK include:

  • Business invitation letter
  • School or University invitation letter
  • Hospital invitation letter

Notarising these letters adds credibility and validity. The process is often required by immigration authorities during your visa application.

When Do You Need Notarisation for a Letter of Invitation?

Planning a trip to the UK? Some visas need a notarised letter of invitation to confirm your visit’s purpose and legitimacy. This can smooth things over with immigration and show them you’re coming for the right reasons.

How to Notarise a Letter of Invitation

We can notarise the Letter of Invitation in two ways:

  • An original Letter of Invitation  

The letter would be signed in the presence of the notary public. The notary would confirm the identity of the signatory, their signature and capacity to sign. A notarial certificate would be affixed to the letter.  

  • A copy of a Letter of Invitation

You would provide us with the original Letter of Invitation. We would make a copy and notarise the copy as a ‘true copy’.

Process for Notarising and Legalising a Letter of Invitation

  1. Reach Out to Us: Contact our team via email, phone or our contact-us form. 
  2. Quote: We will provide an accurate quote and explain the next steps.  
  3. Instructing us: We will ask you to complete our Client Registration Form, and email us two forms of ID. If an appointment is required, we will book one in.   
  4. Notarisation: Our team of notaries will notarise the Letter of Invitation.
  5. Apostille (if required): We will submit the notarised Letter of Invitation to the FCDO to be apostilled. We offer both a Premium and Standard Service for getting this done. 
  6. Document return: Receive your notarised letter of invitation and prepare for a smooth immigration experience.

Choose Notary.co.uk for dependable notary public services tailored to the specific requirements of letters of invitation. Contact us today to receive a fixed quote.

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