Get your medical paperwork recognised as authentic documentation. A professional notary public stamps your document with guaranteed legitimacy so it will be readily accepted by insurance companies, embassies, or anyone else needing verification.

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  1. What is a Medical Report?
  2. When Do You Need Medical Report Notarisation?
  3. How Was Your Medical Report Issued?
  4. Can We Provide E-notarisation and E-apostille?
  5. Process for Notarising a Medical Report:

What is a Medical Report?

A medical report is a formal document prepared by a healthcare professional. It details an individual’s medical history, diagnosis, treatment, and/or prognosis. 

Notarising medical reports verifies their authenticity and facilitates their use in various legal, administrative, and professional settings.

When Do You Need Medical Report Notarisation?

Some immigration authorities may request notarised medical reports to check your health status and eligibility for entry.

Employers or disability insurance providers might also need to see a verified medical report to determine your eligibility for benefits or accommodations at work.

When sending your medical report to a party overseas, notarisation provides peace of mind for everyone involved. At,uk. we understand the sensitive nature of medical documentation and provide professional services tailored to your specific needs.

How Was Your Medical Report Issued?

The steps required for notarisation and legalisation will depend on how your document was issued:

  • An original medical report signed by the named doctor. The doctor must be registered with the General Medical Council.

This can be apostilled by the FCDO without needing notarisation. The doctor must sign with a wet ink signature and be registered with the General Medical Council. They will also need to register their signature directly with the FCDO Legalisation Office – this can be done by email.

We can also notarise the original medical report if you would like. To do this, we would need to verify with the doctor that they issued it.

  • A printout of your electronic Medical Report produced from the original PDF or other electronic document.

Firstly, we will need to verify the document is authentic. You will need to show us from where you downloaded the document or the email in which it was sent to you. Once we have verified it, we will notarise it and can then submit it to the FCDO to be apostilled.

Can We Provide E-notarisation and E-apostille?

Yes, we can e-notarise a copy of your Medical Report and submit it to the FCDO for an e-apostille.

All of our notaries have registered their qualified electronic signatures with the FCDO and are able to provide this service for you.

Before proceeding, you should always check with the recipient of the Medical Report to confirm whether they will accept e-notarisation and an e-apostille. 

Process for Notarising a Medical Report:

  1. Reach Out to Us: Contact our team via email, phone or our contact-us form.  Let us know what you need.
  2. Quote: We will provide an accurate quote and explain the next steps.  
  3. Instructing us: We will ask you to complete our Client Registration Form and share two forms of ID.  The Medical Report will then need to be provided to us, either in person, by post or by email, depending on how it was issued.  
  4. Notarisation: Our friendly team of notaries will notarise the Medical Report if required.
  5. Apostille (if required): We will submit the Medical Report, or a notarised copy of it, to the FCDO to be apostilled.  We offer both a Premium and Standard Service for getting this done. 
  6. Consular Legalisation (if required): Certain countries may also require attestation at a Consulate or High Commission. We can arrange this process for you.
  7. Document Delivery: We will share a PDF scan. The Medical Report can then be collected, or we can return it you via post or courier.

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