It can be hard to keep up with document requirements when travelling or moving overseas, especially since Brexit. We aim to make the document legalisation process as streamlined and affordable as possible.

To take your pets to a non-EU country, you now need to provide a health certificate. Usually, you need a Pet Export Document supplied by the UK government’s DEFRA.

We will notarise this document, and obtain an apostille if needed, to ensure it is accepted by international authorities without a hitch.

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  1. What is a Pet Export Document?
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  3. Process for Legalising a Pet Export Document from DEFRA

What is a Pet Export Document?

The Pet Export Document is a health certificate you need when moving a pet internationally. It is issued by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in the UK and must be signed by a vet or another animal health professional.

The document verifies that your pet meets the health and safety standards required for entry into another country. 

Whether you’re relocating with your furry friend or engaging in international pet trade, a properly notarised Pet Export Document is often a legal requirement.

Apostille for a Pet Document from DEFRA

You likely may need an apostille for the document, depending on the requirements of your destination country. At, we can respond to your specific needs and ensure the certificate will be legally recognised.

Process for Legalising a Pet Export Document from DEFRA

  1. Get in touch: Contact us now by phone, email or contact form. Let us know where you will be moving the pet or pets to and the status of your Pet Export Document.
  2. Document Review: We will need to receive the original DEFRA Pet Export Document. Our notary public will carefully review the document to ensure it is complete and has a signature from an appropriate vet.
  3. Identification: We will need to see two forms of ID (one photographic and one proof of address).
  4. Apostille (if required): We will obtain an apostille from the FCDO (Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office) on the original document. Please note: to apostille the document, the vet’s signature must be registered with the FCDO. 
  5. Document return: Receive your notarised Pet Export Document ready for use abroad.

Choose for dependable notary public services tailored to the specific requirements of DEFRA Pet Export Documents. Contact us today and facilitate the seamless movement of your pets across borders.

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