Most civil and criminal cases in Scotland are seen in Sheriff Courts. These issue court orders and several other important legal documents.

Like other court documentation, a Sheriff Court document may need an additional layer of authentication when an overseas government or organisation requests it.

At, we offer prompt notarisation and legalisation of your Sheriff Court Document.

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  1. What is a Sheriff Court Document?
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  3. Process for Legalising a Sheriff Court Document

What is a Sheriff Court Document?

A Sheriff Court document is an order, record, letter or any other legal document generated within the jurisdiction of a Sheriff Court. 

A Sheriff Court is a court in Scotland dealing with civil and criminal cases. There are a number of Sheriff Courts within Scotland’s six Sheriffdoms. Criminal cases will typically be heard by a Sheriff and a jury, whereas civil cases will just be before a Sheriff.

Sheriff Court Orders and other documents issued by the court may bear relevance to important business and personal matters. It’s important to keep all these files in a secure and convenient location.

When You Need an Apostille for a Sheriff Court Document

A Sheriff Court Order with a stamp and seal may be accepted by parties in the UK and overseas, but many documents issued by the court require notarisation and/or an apostille.

An organisation might request an authenticated copy of your Sheriff Court Document if:

  • They are based overseas and do not recognise the document’s seal.
  • Your Sheriff Court Document does not have a stamp and/or seal.
  • The document is to be used in a significant legal context.

Legalising a Sheriff Court Document is straightforward and affordable. Reach out to a notary public to ensure your document is recognised by the recipient.

Process for Legalising a Sheriff Court Document

The process for legalising a Sheriff Court Document typically involves the following steps:

  • Appointment with a Notary Public: Schedule an appointment with one of our qualified notaries in London Victoria, Canary Wharf, or Surrey. Alternatively, send us your Sheriff Court document by secure mail.
  • Notarisation: We will notarise the document as a true copy of the original or as an authentic electronically issued document.
  • Apostille: If required, we will submit the court document to the FCDO for an apostille. Submit your document by 10.30 am to take advantage of our premium next-day apostille service or opt for the standard 4 working day apostille service
  • Document Return: Once these steps are completed, your Sheriff Court document will be ready to collect, or we can arrange delivery.

If you’re looking for a Notary Public to notarise and/or apostille your Sheriff Court Document, contact us today. We’ll ensure your document is legally recognised overseas.

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