If your child is travelling without one or both of their parents, they may need to take a signed travel consent with them.  

Our experienced notary public services can make the entire process smooth and legally sound. 

Let us guide you through the process of notarising travel consent forms, ensuring your travel plans proceed without a hitch.

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Understanding Travel Consent Documents

Travel consent documents are vital when a child is travelling without one or both parents or legal guardians. They typically include:

  1. Parental Consent Forms: These documents are signed by parents or legal guardians to grant permission for a child to travel.
  2. Affidavits of Consent: Sometimes, a notarised affidavit stating consent for a child’s travel is required.
  3. Unaccompanied Minor Forms: Airlines may require notarised forms when a minor is flying alone.
  4. Grandparent Travel Permission Letters: When a grandparent is accompanying a grandchild, a notarised travel permission letter might be necessary.

What Is The Purpose Of A Travel Consent Form?

A Child Travel Consent Form is a legal document granting permission for a minor to travel without a parent or guardian present. These forms ensure everyone’s on the same page, outlining key details like:

  • The child’s information: Name, date of birth, passport details (if applicable).
  • The travel companions: Who the child is traveling with (adult, group, etc.) and their contact information.
  • The trip details: Dates of travel, destinations, itinerary (optional).
  • The consenting adult(s): Parent(s)/guardian(s) information and signatures.

These simple form can prevent delays or issues at borders, especially for international travel.

The Importance of Notarised Travel Consent Documents

Notarised travel consent documents play a critical role in ensuring the safety and legality of a child’s travel. These documents are essential for several reasons:

  1. Customs and Immigration: Border control and immigration authorities may request notarised travel consent documents to verify a child’s authorization to travel.
  2. Airline Policies: Many airlines require notarised travel consent documents to ensure that children are travelling with the appropriate permissions.
  3. Legal Proof: Notarised documents provide legal proof of consent, reducing the risk of complications during travel.
  4. Peace of Mind: Notarised consent forms offer peace of mind to parents, guardians, and authorities, knowing that the child’s travel is legal and secure.

The Process of Notarising Travel Consent Documents

Firstly, it is recommended that the parent checks with the airline to confirm whether the travel consent is required. It is not always required, however having one gives peace of mind for all eventualities. 

Any parent who is not travelling with the minor will need to sign the travel consent. They will need to attend an appointment with the notary and have certain identification documents. This includes;

  1. Their passport
  2. A proof of address
  3. The birth certificate of the minor

The notary will need to be sure that you are the parent of the child. If you are a single parent, we would need to see evidence that you have sole parental responsibility which can be shown through a court order.  

You can obtain a travel consent form online where there are many templates that can be downloaded. Alternatively, if you require a more bespoke travel consent document, our team of notaries can assist in drafting one to your requirements.

Your travel consent may need to be apostilled after it has been notarised. It is not always required but recommended. An apostille is a stamp from the FCDO confirming the signature and seal of the notary public on the travel consent is authentic. 

Check your document

We notarise many types of documents and can provide different types of certification to meet your needs.

The most popular documents we see are powers of attorney, passports, educational certificates and Companies House documentation. However, there are many other types we see regularly and are familiar with.

If your document is not listed and you are unsure if we can help, email us at info@notary.co.uk and we will be happy to confirm.

Trust in Our Notary Services

For a seamless and legally compliant notarisation and apostille of your travel consent documents in the United Kingdom, trust our experienced UK Notary Public team at Notary.co.uk. We specialize in travel consent document notarisation, ensuring that your paperwork meets all legal requirements and provides the necessary permissions for your child’s travel. 

Contact us today to begin the notarisation process for your travel consent documents, ensuring a safe and stress-free journey for your child.

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