What is a BEN2 FORM?

In Ireland, the Registry of Beneficial Ownership has introduced a new requirement for individuals who are beneficial owners in Irish companies.

Now, if the beneficial owner does not have an Irish Personal Public Service Number (PPSN), they must apply for an RBO Transaction Number, by means of completing and signing a Form BEN2 – Declaration as to Verification of Identity.

Where the BEN2 form is being sworn outside of Ireland, the document should be sworn before a Notary Public.

The form itself consists of three Parts, A, B, C. Which sections a beneficial owner will need to complete will depend on where they are signing the form.

Part A

This must be completed whether the beneficial owner is making the declaration in Ireland or outside of Ireland. The following information will need to be inserted:

1. Forename (Person whose identity is to be verified)
2. Surname
3. Date of Birth
4. Nationality
5. Address

Part B

If the declaration is being sworn in Ireland, then the beneficial owner will need to sign here.

Part C

If the beneficial owner is outside of Ireland, they will need to sign where it states “Signature of Declarant” at Part C. The signing must take place in the presence of a notary public, and the notary will then complete the rest of Part C.

When signed by the beneficial owner and witnessed by the notary public, the BEN2 form should be uploaded to the RBO Portal. Once this has been processed successfully and an RBO Transaction Number has been issued, that number can be used for making future beneficial ownership filings for that person.

If you need a notary to help with your BEN2 form call us on 020 7630 1777 or email us at info@notary.co.uk. We’d love to help.