When you’re in Manchester and need notary services, you don’t have to go through the traditional hassles. Notary.co.uk offers efficient electronic notary and apostille solutions, even though our physical offices are based in London.

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  3. The Benefits of Electronic Notarisation:
  4. Why Choose Notary.co.uk for e-Notary Services:
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Documents Eligible for Electronic Notarisation:

Our electronic notary services cover a wide range of documents, including but not limited to:


Check your document

We notarise many types of documents and can provide different types of certification to meet your needs.

The most popular documents we see are powers of attorney, passports, educational certificates and Companies House documentation. However, there are many other types we see regularly and are familiar with.

If your document is not listed and you are unsure if we can help, email us at info@notary.co.uk and we will be happy to confirm.

The Benefits of Electronic Notarisation:

  1. Convenience: With our e-Notary services, you can get your documents notarised from the comfort of your home or office in Manchester. No need to travel or wait for an appointment.
  2. Time-Efficiency: Our electronic notarisation process is designed to be swift and efficient. We understand the urgency of your needs and strive to provide same-day services whenever possible.
  3. Cost-Effective: Save on transportation costs and valuable time by opting for our electronic services over traditional, in-person notarisation.
  4. Secure and Reliable: Notary.co.uk employs the latest encryption and security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your documents during the electronic notarisation process.

Why Choose Notary.co.uk for e-Notary Services:

When you need a notary public in Manchester, consider the advantages of our e-Notary services:

  • Experienced and qualified notaries
  • Efficient and timely service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Secure document handling

How Our Electronic Services Work

Getting your Manchester documents electronically notarised is a simple process:


  1. Contact Us: Reach out to us to start the e-Notary process. You can initiate this through our website or by calling us.
  2. Document Verification: We’ll assist you in verifying your documents, which may involve checking original documents or electronically issued ones.
  3. Electronic Notarisation: Our experienced notaries will perform e-Notarisation using either an Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) or Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), meeting industry standards.
  4. Digital Notarial Certificate: We’ll provide you with a digital notarial certificate bearing an electronic signature, which can be verified with Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  5. e-Apostille: If necessary, we can submit your e-Notarised document to the FCDO to obtain an e-Apostille stamped document.


Notary.co.uk’s e-Notary & e-Apostille services in Manchester offer an easy and efficient way to notarise your documents. Say goodbye to the traditional notarisation hassle and embrace the convenience of electronic notary services.


Ready to have your documents electronically notarised in Manchester? Get in touch to begin the process.


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