Apparently, in common speech, 4,000 words are used differently in America than they are in the  UK. 

Many commonly used ‘Anglo American’ words are spelt differently for example  words ending in an unstressed -our  (e.g., behavior, color,  harbor…).  And, to confuse further, many everyday words or phrases have completely different meanings; for example, consider this scenario: a City of London Financial Service Company wishes to table a motion at a forthcoming board meeting; that’s fine, unless the person putting the agenda together is an American. ‘To table a  motion’  in American English is generally accepted to mean ‘to put it aside’.    As Bill Bryson points out in his excellent 1990 book “Mother Tongue”, the word presently in the UK means in a little while  however, in ‘American’, it may be taken to mean now. Could be critical – just saying!

Any documents for notarisation probably will have been drafted by your lawyer (attorney); even so, to sure the intended meaning is communicated unambiguously, the notaries at Notary Co UK  (highly trained in the nuances of the English language) will carefully read any document to be attested (notarised) for use in the United States of America.