You may need to submit an educational certificate in another country to apply for work or further education. If you’re looking to verify the authenticity of your document, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether it’s a degree or your GCSEs, you can get your certificate authenticated quickly and affordably at

Member countries of the Hague Apostille Convention typically require an apostille. Some other countries, including the UAE and Vietnam, request consular legalisation. Either way, we will legalise your document and ensure recognition.

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  1. Types of Educational Certificates We Notarise and Legalise
  2. When Do You Need Notarisation, an Apostille, or Consular Legalisation?
  3. Process for Legalising an Educational Certificate

Types of Educational Certificates We Notarise and Legalise

An educational certificate is usually a school certificate, diploma or degree recognising that you have achieved an educational qualification.

We can notarise and provide an apostille for many kinds of educational certificates:

  • Higher education: Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, PhDs and other diplomas awarded by recognised UK universities.
  • Secondary education: GCSEs, IGCSEs, GCEs, NVQs, BTECs and National Diplomas issued by recognised UK exam boards.

We also offer notarisation for non-UK certificates in many circumstances.  Any non-UK certificate should be in English and should be accredited by the government in that country.  We will need to verify the accreditation to complete the notarisation.

When Do You Need Notarisation, an Apostille, or Consular Legalisation?

If you’re submitting a British educational certificate to an institution abroad, they may request an additional layer of validation. 

  • Notarisation: This is where we verify the authenticity of the document and confirm it has been issued by an accredited institution. 
  • Apostille: This is a standardised form of legalisation recognised by contracting parties to the Hague Apostille Convention. If your recipient country is on this list, they will likely require an apostille.
  • Consular Legalisation: If you are sending your certificate to a country that is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, we can arrange for their consular embassy to legalise the document. This is often called ‘attestation’.

Process for Legalising an Educational Certificate

We can notarise your original certificate or create a true copy to apostille. We will likely require the original certificate but in some cases can accept a scan and verify its authenticity directly with the issuing institution.

  1. Reach Out to Us: Contact our team via phone or online form to discuss your requirements, or to schedule an appointment in
  2. London Victoria, Canary Wharf or Surrey.
  3. Quote: We will provide an accurate quote and explain the next steps.
  4. Instruct us: We will ask you to complete our Client Registration Form, and share two forms of ID. We may also ask you to complete a consent form to allow us to verify your document with the issuing institution.
  5. Send us the document In many cases, you will be able to just send us a clear PDF scan of your document. If not, you’ll need to deliver or post the original document to us.
  6. Notarisation: Our team will verify the authenticity of the Educational certificate and issue a notarial certificate.
  7. Apostille: We will obtain an apostille via the FCDO in Milton Keynes. We offer a premium, standard or e-apostille service.
  8. Consular legalisation (if required): We can arrange attestation at the Embassy or High Commission in the country where you will be using the document. Your educational document may need to be notarised and apostilled in advance, but you can rest assured that we will complete the entire process.
  9. Document return: Your legalised document will be ready to collect or send the next day earliest or in up to five days, depending on your requirements and the service you have opted for. We can post the documents to a UK address or courier it internationally. 

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