School-related paperwork can play an important role in life. This might be when you’re pursuing further education or a new job. Or you may be transferring your child from a school in the UK to one abroad.

We will ensure the authenticity and acceptance of your educational documents with convenient notarisation, apostille and consular legalisation services.

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  1. What is a School Document?
  2. When Do You Need Notarisation for a School Document?
  3. Process for Notarising a School Document

What is a School Document?

A school document is any letter or record issued by an educational institution. School documents that commonly require verification include: 

  • Transcripts
  • Proof of attendance
  • Certificates
  • Letters of recommendation 

Notarising these documents is often necessary to validate their authenticity. Your notarised original files will be accepted in various official capacities in countries all over the world.

When Do You Need Notarisation for a School Document?

Notarisation is often required when you are sharing a document internationally. You may need to authenticate your school document in the following situations:

  • You are applying to a primary or secondary school abroad on behalf of your child.
  • You are applying for higher education overseas.
  • You are applying for a job, apprenticeship or vocational training where you need proof of your attendance at school or grades achieved.

If you do not yet have a document meeting the requirements of the organisation requesting it, you can ask for one from the school’s administrators. Then we can reach out to them to verify its authenticity and proceed to notarise the document.

Process for Notarising a School Document

  1. Contact us: Reach out and let tell us about your requirements.
  2. Document review: Share a PDF of the document. If you need the original document notarised, arrange to deliver it in person or send it to our office securely.  
  3. Verification: With your consent, we will contact the document’s issuer to confirm it is authentic and the contents are true to the best of their knowledge.
  4. Notarisation and legalisation: One of our experienced notaries will apply a certificate of notarisation with our stamp and seal. If you require an apostille or consular legalisation, we will arrange this with the relevant authorities.
  5. Document return: You can collect your notarised and legalised document or arrange prompt delivery.

Get in touch today to ensure your educational records are notarised professionally. We can meet any specific needs to guarantee recognition of your documentation.

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